iΒ΄m a mother now <3

and i love it !!
Jonathan,my sweet sweet son came 28 august with c-section,and he was and is the most precious beautiful babyboy iΒ΄ve ever seen.
My little J is soon 7 months old,and growing fast πŸ™‚
Every day is a blessing ❀

In this photoΒ΄s he is 5 months old πŸ˜€

2016-02-22 20.32.03 (1)




i love you ❀

Under 100 days left !!

Hey my wonderful people,who follow my blog..or are going to follow now,after reading this πŸ˜›

Been a long time now,and im so sorry for not updating you guys..Because iam always updating on other social media,like facebook and instagtam ( follow me->Β  kalihk )

As i told you before iam gonna get a c-section either 31 august or 1 september,and thats only 95..94 days till this dates πŸ˜€
I cant wait,i wanna see my babyboy right now,but he still needs to chill inside my belly for a few months πŸ˜‰
Every day now he is kicking me,and moving alot..its so amazing,even tho i get sick sometimes because he is so strong,and he kick real hard,and he move alot..think maybe he is dancing or something lol xD

This was me 10 days ago ( 24+2) Now iam 25+5 πŸ˜€


Injera πŸ˜‰

I cant wait to see you Jonathan

Next week iam going back to jordmor,and im not excited..not anymore..she dont make this journey any fun for me,she stress me more than anything..and i decided its gonna be my last time there.
When i need blood taken and pee test,i do it at my own doctor.
In a few weeks we can also start to buy more for our son,before he comes..and i cant wait for that..we gonna do so much to make it perfect for him ❀
This summer is gonna be so slow,just waiting on him πŸ˜€

Anyway,we dont have any plans this summer,other than make everything ready for him..and just enjoy.

Jonathan 08 april 2015.. long time ago now lol πŸ˜€
Look at that cute nose ❀

More update later πŸ˜‰
Now iam gonna eat some pommes frites and watch YouTube πŸ™‚

The P is for pain

in psoriasis.
I have had this skin diseas since i was 4-5 years young,and it still keeps hunting me to this day.
Treatment after treatment i tried,year after year..most of them helped for a little while,then i had to try something else.
In 2010 i finally tried stelara,and it changed my life..after a few weeks i could see the difference..and after months it was all gone.It was a miracle!! After almost 5 years with this amazing medicine i had to stop,and my last treatment was in august 2014,because iam now pregnant ( over 5 months ).
My psoriasis was slowly coming back..and then BOOM..its everywhere..and its painfull..its hurting,..itching..bleeding..and i dont even know what to do..i cant start with stelara,but i can take some light treatment,even tho i know it doesnt help me that much..and then of course lotions and creams..everything sticky and icky and my clothes get ruined and my bedsheet is full of white snow and lotions and oils…
Everything hurts,to take a shower..put on socks..and shoes..washing up the dishes..or just simply wash my hands…
When iam home i use big swatpants,so it doesnt get to painfull and sticky with all the creams and lotions,but when i have to go out i need to put some jeans on ( pregnancy jeans now )..and i hate it,because everything sticks together and the jeans is stuck and i just feel trapped 😦
My sofa, floor,bed,bathroom,toilet,kitchen…everywhere u can see white flakes after me..and its so embarrassing..i got it all over my body,feet,legs,toes,knees,hands,scalp..everyday i need to clean up after me,and iam ashamed.

Its hard to explain for someone who never had this,but its pain..just..pain.

Me and my big belly 22+1 (week 23)


IMG_0462 IMG_0463

This is pictures from today,and it just keep getting worse..tomorrow im going to see my doctor,to find a solution i can use right now when iam pregnant.

Meet Jonathan <3

Hey guys,now we have been to our first ultrasound,and the experience was amazing!!
When i was lying there looking at the screen i was amazed by what i see..the little one was moving and turing around like a little dancer..so lovely.
I aks if she can see the gender,and yes she can..its a boy πŸ˜€
Meet little Jonathan !! πŸ˜€ ❀  ( in week 15 )
He is perfect in any way possible,and i cant wait to go back in four weeks for another ultrasound,and then set the date.

Tomorrow im going to the my first meeting with a midwife (jordmor) and im kinda excited,its the first time..and i have a lot of questions for her.So im gona blog more when ive been there πŸ˜‰

My birthday,my pregnancy & photos:)

Hey,and good evening to you..
Today the sun is actually shining in Trondheim..and im starting to get that spring feeling,even tho its not that warm outside,and we can still see a little bit of snow..But its ok,i think its gona go away soon if the sun keeps on shining πŸ˜‰
Yesterday,sunday march 1 it was my birthday..one year older,ufff…even tho i feel like i never age πŸ˜€
Later that day my family made dinner,one of my favorite foods..and cake..i love cake.. πŸ˜€
Sweet chocolate cake..yummi πŸ˜€

Look at this..oooow πŸ˜€

Thank you all for a amazing day!

Now its just 8 days till im going to the first ultrasound..and i cant wait..wanna see my little baby so bad now..wanna listen to the heartbeat,and see that everything is ok ❀ And find out how far iam in my pregnancy.

Im either 14 or 18 weeks..what you think?

Last week i just had to buy this cute grey hoodie and sweatpants,cuz i dont know the gender yet..so everything is unisex for now..but i wanna know..is it a girl..or a boy..already talking bout names too..but when i dont know,its kinda hard..hope they can tell me after the ultrasound πŸ˜€


10986316_1578606159021369_963964324_n 11015613_356252247907291_310150847_n
yeah..i just had to buy my first jeans for pregnant woman,and they are amazing too..wish i had more of them haha..
I bought them at HM for 399 kroner πŸ™‚ The first photo i use my normal jeans,and they are just too tight now.


Now im gona make some sandwitches and eat some,we are hungry πŸ˜€
See yah soon..be blessed.

A new year,a new beginning;)

Hey,and welcome back to my blog..i totally forgot to blog on this one..and im so sorry..
Alot has happend since last time i wrote here,and iam so excited!!

March 10 im going on my first ultrasound,and ooowiii i cant wait to se her/him bouncing around inside my belly πŸ™‚

Only bad about all this is my skin disease,- my psoriasis came back,bcuz i cant take my medicine Stelara when im pregnant,but hopefully it will get better when im further in my pregnancy πŸ˜‰

Guess you all are excited to see my belly now? I take alot of pictures,cuz yeahhh..iam a first time mommy ❀
But in general i love taking pictures anyway,so im gona try to update you all on our journey to becoming this little family πŸ™‚

IMG_9439 IMG_9437 IMG_9431
This 3 pictures are from today πŸ™‚

IMG_9416 IMG_9440
Pictures of me today



This is me,february 2.

I have so many more pictures,but im gona post them next time;)
See yah all soon!